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Highly recommended!

Highly recommended! Doctors that really cares. My dog was down with a very bad flu and I was worried sick so i went down a few times. Doctors were really patient and assuring. Dog recovered in no time! Many thanks!

I am deeply grateful to her

The first vet whom my dog saw at another practice, despite various tests and scans, was unable to put a finger on what exactly was causing my dog to suffer. My dog had been in much distress, trembling uncontrollably, unable to move and refused all food and water for two days when I brought her to Heart2Heart. Within a minute or so, Dr Aletta Mulder figured that my dog had an obstruction and fished it out of her rear end without any issue and ran an X-ray to ascertain that there was nothing else in there. I shudder to think that I could have lost my dog in this freak accident if not for Dr Aletta's sharp diagnosis. I am deeply grateful to her.

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