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I went to this place half-heartedly for my dog’s treatment, but I was overwhelmed with the reception I got. From the receptionists to the doctors and even the caretakers were kind enough to assist me in anything I needed. I would for sure recommend this place to everyone.

My pet was suffering from a very serious injury and didn’t know what to do. This was the time I googled for a pet care center and found Heart2Heart. Immediately rushed here with my pet. I was really happy with the compassionate care given by the staff. Overall a great experience.

Want your pets to be in safe hands? Then this is the place I would say. The state of the art facilities with on time services made me hassle free. Also the treatment cost was very much affordable. I love the place!!!!!!!!!!!

My pet was behaving abnormally and I didn’t know what to do. Then was the time my friend had referred me to this hospital. When I contacted the hospital, I was given with the option of pick up and drop off facility. I couldn’t thank them enough for their courteous services!

For a long time, my pet was suffering from obesity problem and I was trying to figure out a way to overcome this problem, which is when I came to know of H2H. My pet was well attended by a caring doctor and the diet she had prescribed worked out very well for my Fluffy. I could see the difference in a few days itself!!!!

Reliable and compassionate are the only words I can use. It’s a really wonderful ambience and the staff are really sweet and patient!

Diagnosis, treatments, spa, boarding and grooming! They have it all. The experience was fantastic and I would always come only here for anything my pets need!

There was a big improvement in my pet’s health when I went to Heart2Heart. My pet was in a warm and welcoming environment and it had a best time of its life. It was such an experience that it didn’t feel the pain during its treatment!

Excellent pet care services!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boarding, grooming, swimming pool, supplies, pharmacy, lab!!! All in one place!!!!!!!! Perfect for pets!!!!!!!!! I Love this place!!!!!!!

The doctors are highly skilled and experienced, I would say. My pet was given an effective and painless surgery. Thanks to Mr. Thanigaivel and his team.

All Is Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the ambience!!!!!!!!!!

A reliable hospital where I can walk in at any time at point of the day. Friendly and helpful staff to mentor your needs!!!!!!!!!!!!

A great job done by the doctors and their kindness pulls the pets towards them!!!

A well-equipped hospital with all the basic amenities required for a pet. Always safe and are in good hands!

I am super satisfied with the service and the facility the hospital provided my pet with!!!!!!!!!

Clean and comfortable boarding facilities and overall a wonderful service! I would recommend this place to the pet lovers and pet parents anytime they need!

I would say such an excellent customer response and the best infrastructure for pets. This way your cats and dogs are in safe hands!!!!!! Please keep up the good work people!!!!!!!


I’ve been to many vet hospitals, but would this is the best place for pets and the doctors are super friendly and the pets are in good hands.

It was a very calm and welcoming environment. The staff were super friendly and the doctors devote their time for the pet parents to understand their needs and drive out their fears!

Good place for pets I would say!!!!! The first time it was that I came and it was really welcoming ambience. Will come here for checkups on a regular basis!!!!

Excellent service by the doctors as well as the hospital staff. A promising care for your pet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spacious and comfortable place for the pets. Also this place is a blessing for pet parents!!!!!!!!!!